Hello world! (And Hello DS106!)

This is my foray into the fabulous Open Digital Storytelling (DS106) class from the University of Mary Washington. I can’t say that I will manage to accomplish all of DS106 within the normal semester timeline. Though I plan to do same number of assignments, eventually, that would be required if I was taking the class for credit. I’m really looking forward to pushing my digital and communication skills with this class.

A little about me: I’m a midwestern transplant to the SF Bay Area, though I’ve been here long enough that I’m often mistaken for a Californian (though not if you know me well enough 🙂 ) I work in higher ed and spend a lot of time thinking about training, career and professional development, STEM, science & health communication, workforce development, gender and the workplace, mindfulness, workplace sustainability, and, when I’m not working, a fair bit of pop culture, music and randomness. I can be found on Twitter @CannulaT.